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Sri is indonesian helper, she is matured and hardworking person

She is a mother of kid.

able to speak english and communicate well.

she had worked in singapore for about 10 years.

willing to work during her off, with compesation. may be only need day off.

early first time when she came to singapore, she worked for 3 years and a half , with chinese family, care grandmother, ahma, 75 yo helping her if she needs something, ahma still mobile and able to work. she cooks for family of 4 adult

after that she worked with french family for 2,6 years, caring for 2 children 12 yo and 7 yo, cooking western food and do all general housework.

she is also sending and fetching the children to school and tuition.

after that she ever worked for 2 years with chinese family again, taking care of newborn baby, know how to steam the bottle, wash baby bottle, prepare for milk and soft baby food. the baby sleep with the helper every night,

she ever worked also with indian malay family for 1,6 yo, taking care of blind person, (grandfather)

helping his daily needs, dressing, showering, feeding , cooking for the family of 3, and do all general housework.

she is a good cook, , she is able to cook indonesian food, chinese food, western food and indian food, such as steamed fish, chicken soup, pork soup, tomyam soup, abc soup, dow yu bak, lasagna, spaghetti, sandwich,soto, sayur lodeh, mee goreng, curry fish, curry chicken, dal , fried frish and etc.

available to be interviewed at any time via phone or video call

ready at any time

Married (39)
Upd on 07-Dec-16

ELDERLY CARE, mandarin speaking

Nani is indonesia girl from subang, she is still young and energetic.

she is married , a mother with 1 child

first employer she worked about 3 years, taking care of ahkong. ahkong was sick and weak, 70 yo ahkong had brain cancer., weak , unable to walk, so most of the time ahkong always in bed. washing and cleaning always do it in bed most of the time, wiping his body change diapers

nani attended to ahkong daily needs everyday, until ahkong passaway. then went back to indonesia for rest for 3 months

2 nd employer, she came to singapore followinng same agent, but havent got job yet, so waited in agent for 1 month,

3rd employer she taking care of children , and do all general housework including cooking as well

she is able to cook chinese food and indonesian food as well.

she speaks mandarin quite well, as she was working taiwan before for 3 years taking care of elderly.

looking for employer to look after an elderly.

Married (34)
Upd on 04-Dec-16

susmini indonesian helper , her actuall age is 35 years old

she had worked in singapore for about 9 years.

she also ever worked in malaysia for 2 years

1st she came to singapore 2001 to 2003 worked 2 years with chinese family, taking ft care child 4yo, washing car, cooking and do all general housekeeping

after finish contract, she went to indonesia

then left singapore and worked in malaysia for another 2 .5 years, took care 4 children , cooking and do all general housework.

2nd employer in singapore is on 2010, she worked only for 8 month s taking care of children , 3yo and 8 mo baby,

she asked to trasnfer due to her employer husband like to gamble, most of the time, POLICe came to the house and always question her, and they always pay late her salary.

the last employer she worked in singapore was 6 years with 1 indian employer

took care of elderly , had complicated illnes, diabetic, ashtma, heart problem, accompany to go hospital every month by wheelchair.

she cooks and do all generalhousework and help to clean her daughter house aswell every week.

she is able to cook chinese food and indian food

now she is back in indonesia

available to be interviewed at any time

Married (42)
Upd on 04-Dec-16

Christian / No off days

Dorkas is indonesian christian maid.

she is 30 years old, married with 1 child.

she is energetic, hardworking and responsible person

first time she came to singapore she was unable to speak english, but now her english quite good and able to communicate very well

she ever took care of elderly ahma, 82 yo for about 1 yo 6 mo, untill ahma passaway. ahma old and weak, she helps ahma change diapers, showering, feeding and changing clothes as well., besides caring for ahma she also took care of 7 yo and 3 yo children, playing with them and helping mam's sister cooking in the kicthen, and do all general housework , like mopping, cleaning , ironing and washing as well.

after ahma passaway, they dont really need her anymore, and she went back to indonesia

then she came back to singapore on 2015 worked with chinese family of 5 people taking care of child 3 yo, and ahma ahkong still mobile.

she worked there only 1 year, as she was not comfortable sleeping in the living room,

she is able to cook chinese food such as, fried beehon, fried rice, capcay, steamed fish, stemed egg, pork soup, abc sop, curry fish, curry chicken and etc

willing to work with no off days with compesation

available to be interviewed at any time

Married (30)
Upd on 30-Nov-16

Inggit is indonesian helper, from java.

she is cheerful, fast learner and hardwokring person

she loves to care for young children

she is a mother fo 2 children, she is able to do houseowork, washing, cleaning , ironing, mopping and etc.

she is also able to cook simple dishes like, chicken soup, sayur lodeh, soto, steamed fish, steamed egg , stir fried vegetables,

she is a diploma holder, before that she ever worked as a kindergarden teacher in indonesia for 3 years,

she is able to care for pets, toydoy and cat as well

she is able to handle pork ,

willing to work without off days, as long as she got permitted to use hp at night of after working to contact her family

available to be interviewed at any time

Married (28)
Upd on 27-Nov-16

Jaidah is 33 years old, She is a very caring person..

a mother with 3 children,

first employer & 2nd employer , She worked for 4 years with one family, first 2 years took care of ahkhalf ong, stroke, she need to shower, transfer from bed to wheelchair,, feeding, gave, medicine changin diapers and etc

after 3 years ahkong passaway, she still worked there for another 1 years but they transfer her to different name. (same family)

after working 4 years, she went back to indonesia

3rd employer she worked for also caring for elderly (AHMA) for almost 2 years too , accompany ahma too , go market with ahma, cooking and do general housework.

ahma passaway, then she got transffered to antoher family.

4th employer only 5 months she took care ahma, half stroke, cooking for ahma, and do general housework, ,most of the time always follow ahma eat porridge, as the employer not allowed her to cook other things. and she asked to be returned back to agency then go back indonesia.

now she is ready to work again, looking for new employer to work with

she is able to cook chinese food such as, sweet sour pork, pork with black sauce, steamed fish, pork rib soup, fried noddle, fried beehon, porridge, fried rice, curry and et

she is very independently, and able to cook and do general house work.

Ready tobe interviewed at any time

Married (35)
Upd on 27-Nov-16

suyatmi is an help er from java.

she is 34 years old, matured and reliable

she is a mother with one child,

she had been working in singapore for about 6 years

1st employer she worked finish her contract for 2 years, do general housework 6 adults in the house, helping ahma cooking, clean kitchen , rooms and do all housekeeping

2nd employer she worked for 6 months only taking care 2 children 3yo and 5yo, her mam stop working, unable to pay her salary, she was returned to agent and transfer

3rd last employment history was almost 5 years, with one employer she just came back to indonesia on october 2016.

working with chinese family of 5 people. she helped to care for children 3 yo and 7 mo , the 7 mo with ahma, after another a year, newborn baby stayed with and the 17 mo baby returned back to family after 1 yo.. she does all the general housewokrk, wash toilet, ironing, washing , cleaning and cooking as well

she is able to cook some chinese food such as chicken with black sauce, chicken soup, pork soup, steamed pork, , curry, fried rice, fried beehon , stri fried vegetables and etc

now she is ready to work back to singapore

available to be interview at any time

Divorced (34)
Upd on 27-Nov-16

no off day/ off day once a while,

available to be interviewed face to face via video call interview

Almik is indonesian girl from java, she is married with 2 children

she is responsible, and hardworking person .

She had 2 years working in singapore with malay family, cooking for 5 adults and do all general housekeeping

she is also taking care of her mam 73 years, unable to walk, need help,

she is able to cook good malay food such asam pedas sambal udang, sayur lodeh, sayur asam, soto, chicken soup and etc.

Before coming to singapore, she worked in in indonesia for 3 years, she is also helps in small restaurant.

She is also able to cook chinese like, capcay, fuyunghai, sweet sour chicken, sweet sour pork, etc

2nd employer she worked with indian malay family , taking care of grandmother, for 7 months, because of granddaughter with baby who move in to the house unable to speak malay , and they changed to filipino maifs,

almik now, she is back in indonesia

looking for new employer to work she speaks little english ,

Open any for any job offer, willing to care for children and eldery as well

wiilling to work during off day with compesation or 1 days off only

Married (40)
Upd on 27-Nov-16


Rasmiyati is indonesian girl from cilacap,

she 24 years old , matured and hardworking

she worked in jakarta as a helper for a year, 2storey house, cleaning, washing and ironing

she took care 4 yo child, playing with the boy, feeding , shower and prepare all the stuff

she is able to cook simple indonesian chinese food, like steamed fish, fried rice, chicken soup, stir fried vegetables, fried fish and etc

before working as a helper she worked as an administration staff in factory.

available to be interviewed at any time, via video call

Single (23)
Upd on 27-Nov-16

Siti is indonesiqa lsemarang jawva

she is a single and hardworking

she ever worked in indonesi fr 3 years, working with 2 maids, bungalow house and taking care young children 3 and 5 yo.

in singapore worked for one and half years taking care of 3 children twin of 7 yo and 5 yo., she is also able to cook and do all general housework

she is able to cook chinese food and indonesian food like fried rice, chicken sup, charsiew, bbq pork, steamed fish, steamed egg, stir fried vegetables

Willing to work with one day off only

Not afraids with pets and cats, able to care for it

available to be interviewed at any time.

Single (26)
Upd on 27-Nov-16

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