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Married (35)
Ref: All 104-PC
Upd on 17-Jan-17

Dartiti is indnesian girl 32 years old,

She is a mother with one child, hardworking , matured.and reliable.

She love to care for infant./baby. She had good experience of 4 years (2009-2013) with chinese employer, took care of newborn baby up to 4 years.

The baby also slept with her. She atttended all the babies needs by her self as both employer are working .

She knows how to change pampers, prepare milk, cooking for infant and also does all general housework.

Beside taking care of baby/infant, she also had experienced took care of Elderly and children as well.

No afraid of dogs, and able to cook simp le chinese food and indonesian food as well.

Her last employer that she worked took care of 2 dogs and took care of elderly,

Willing to work on off day with compesation, need only 1 or 2 days off per month,

available interview by phone at any time

Married (34)
Ref: ICG-030PC
Upd on 17-Jan-17

Speaks hokkien

Siti is indonesia helper, from blitar Java.

she is matured, married with 1child, responsible and independent

she had good record of working in singapore

1st employer she worked to care for ahma 84 years, hold her while she walk slowly, ahma got asthma problem, give medicine, cooking and attend to ahma dailiy needs.

she also able to wheel the wheelchair bring ahma o=ut to Mall, go to P0ly, goto makrket and go to exercise. after 6 years she decided tp go back

2nd employer she worked another 2 years, bungalow house 2 store, washing car. gardening and general housework

she is not affraid with cats or dogs, willing to care for it

Able to coo simple dishes of chinese food and indonesian food as well such as, steamed fish, currhychicken, pork soup with lotus, prridge,. and etc

available to be interiewed anytime time.


Married (37)
Ref: Elderly-...
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Jaidah is 33 years old, She is a very caring person..

a mother with 3 children,

first employer & 2nd employer , She worked for 4 years with one family, first 2 years took care of ahkhalf ong, stroke, she need to shower, transfer from bed to wheelchair,, feeding, gave, medicine changin diapers and etc

after 3 years ahkong passaway, she still worked there for another 1 years but they transfer her to different name. (same family)

after working 4 years, she went back to indonesia

3rd employer she worked for also caring for elderly (AHMA) for almost 2 years too , accompany ahma too , go market with ahma, cooking and do general housework.

ahma passaway, then she got transffered to antoher family.

4th employer only 5 months she took care ahma, half stroke, cooking for ahma, and do general housework, ,most of the time always follow ahma eat porridge, as the employer not allowed her to cook other things. and she asked to be returned back to agency then go back indonesia.

now she is ready to work again, looking for new employer to work with

she is able to cook chinese food such as, sweet sour pork, pork with black sauce, steamed fish, pork rib soup, fried noddle, fried beehon, porridge, fried rice, curry and et

she is very independently, and able to cook and do general house work.

Ready tobe interviewed at any time

Married (36)
Ref: Elderly-...
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Winarti is indonesian helper from java, cirebon

She is married with child,

she had worked in singapore before for almost 2 years

1st employer she took care of ahma, still mobile, only do general housework, due to communication problem she was sent back to agent

2nd employer she took care of ahgong, wheelchair, everyday have to carry/trasnfer ahgong from bed to wheelchair and to commode chair, helping him to take shower, cooking for ahkong and do all general housework. she also accompany ahgong, pushing his wheelchair , go out to the park

when ahgong was in hospital she trained there one a week how to tranfer ahgong from bed to wheel chair, how to shower, change diapers and assits ahgong in his daily needs

she understands english quite well but speak little bit.

able to cook simple dishes of chinese food , such as steamed fish, chicken soup, stir fried vegetables, chicken rice , pork with black sauce and etc

rready to be interview at any time

Married (38)
Ref: Elderly1...
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Sudarni is indonesian girl from Java, she is 36years old, a mother with 2 children

She is hardworking and matured , able to work independently

She had 2 years experience in singapore, working with malay family, taking care of 2 children, 8 and 11 yo.

Everyday, she attended to their needs, prepare breakfast , cooking for the family, send and fetch the children to and from school as well.

She is able to cook indonesian and simple chinese food. such as, fried chicken, chicken soup, fried rice, mee hoon soup, asam fish, stir fried vegetables, pork soup with lotus, pork with black sauce, steamed fish, steamed chicken and other dishes as well.

she , understands english but converse a little bit, as she used to malay language with her ex employer.

2nd employer ,she took care elderly on wheel chair, ahma , help her to shower. feeding food, carry her to wheelchair and transfer to bed . ahma still alert able to talk and eat , just cant walk

she worked there for one year, as the wife comes back already from philipines, they dont need her anymore. now she is back in indonesia

open for any job offer, childcare and elderly

ready to go singapore at any time

Married (37)
Ref: CCG-018XA
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Good for elderly care, bedridden and children care

Isti is indonesian girl from Java

She is 31 years old , married with one child.

she worked in arab saudi before for 2 years, taking care of young children 5yo and 8yo, helping employer with cooking and do all general housework

She had working experience working in singapore caring for elderly

first employer working with malay family, she had to work at their food stall (canteen) everyday , instead of taking care of children and do general housework, working at food stall are not allowed, she is looking housework, so asked to be transfered to other employer

After that she worked to care for ahkong, beddriden stroke, had to lift for b ed to wheel chair and commode chair, changing urine pack and urine cathether, feeding ahkong with tube feeding, clean ahkong body and help with other daily needs. she took care about half a year then ahkong passaway

Third employer that the worked with was took care of ahkong, 70 years, knee operation, using walking stick and wheel chair as well. she also shower ahkong , helps ahkong to toilets and do all general housework. ahkong recovered already, and able to walk now, they need not maid anymore

the last employer she took care also ahkong 97 yo, old, and weak, she helps changing diapers, help to shower him, use wheelchair , do cooking and all general housework., she also accompany ahkong to malaysia , ahkong moved to malaysia

now she is back in indonesia

available to be interviewed face to face via skype or face time at any time

Married (31)
Ref: All-089XC
Upd on 09-Jan-17

Understand HoKKIEN language, able to care for children and elderly

Wiwin is indonesian girl from center of java,

she is single mother with one child, she had working experience do all general housework in indonesia for about 10 years, and she ever took care of young children and baby as well

she had worked in malaysia before for 4 years do all general housework, cleaning, mopping, ironing and washing.

she also help the employer worked at small cantteen selling curry noodle.

she is also able to cook simple chinese food and indonesia malay food such as porridge, steamed fish, hainan chicken rice, stir fried vegetable, minced pork with salted vegetable and etc.

looking for new opportunity to work in singapore for better life. , willing to look after children or elderly and willing to learn

Able to work during off day with compesation,

Divorced (31)
Ref: All-122XA
Upd on 09-Jan-17

Yasina is indonesian helper, she is 31 years old

she is christian and still single.

she had working experience in malaysian for 6 years. with 1 chinese employers there

taking care of 2 children, 5 yo and 7 yo, she does all general housework , cooking for the family and sending and fetching kids from/to schooll, everyday.

sometimes she also helps to do homework for malay subject with the kids.

in singapore she had worked there for 2 years, taking care of elderly, ahma and ahkong, still mobile, accompany ahma and ahkong go out, to market and to other places,.

she is able to speak english and mandarin quite well.

able to cook simple chinese food and indonesian food as well such as porridge, chicken soup, pork soup with lotus, steamed fish, stir fried vegetables, curry chicken, cucumber soup, and etc

availabe to be interviewed by phone at any time

Single (31)
Ref: ALL-125PC
Upd on 08-Jan-17

ELDERLY CARE, mandarin speaking

Nani is indonesia girl from subang, she is still young and energetic.

she is married , a mother with 1 child

Before coming to work in singapore, she worked in taiwan for 3 years, taking care of elderly. She learned to pick up mandarin language quite and speaks fluently now.

in singapore First employer she worked about 3 years, taking care of ahkong. ahkong was sick and weak, 70 yo ahkong had brain cancer., weak , unable to walk, so most of the time ahkong always in bed. washing and cleaning always do it in bed most of the time, wiping his body change diapers

nani attended to ahkong daily needs everyday, until ahkong passaway. then went back to indonesia for rest for 3 months

2 nd employer, she came to singapore followinng same agent, but havent got job yet, so waited in agent for 1 month,

3rd employer she taking care of children , and do all general housework including cooking as well, she was not that comfortable taking care of children, and prefer to care for elderly instead

she is able to cook chinese food and indonesian food as well.

looking for employer to look after an elderly.

available to be interviewed at any time

Married (34)
Ref: ALL-120XA
Upd on 08-Jan-17

Mariana is indonesia girl , matured and independent.

She got collegge degree, but had difficullty in getting job in jakarta. Now she is helping her father at the farms.

She had experience in taking care of elderly in indonesia, know how to change diapers, use wheelchair, as she is taking care her grandmother by herself.

Beside that she is also able to care for children, , she always help her family to care for sister, younger cousin and her nephew.

She is a good cook, able to indonesian food and simple chinese food.such, ayam penyet, soto, rendang, steamed fish, stir fried vegetables, kangkung belacan and etc

willing to work as a helper , caring for elderly or children. and able to do all general housework

Mariana is transfer maid now, she had experienced and trained to care for elderly, as she took care bedridden woman, for

first employer she worked 8bulan ,to care for 2 children, everyday , send and fetch to school, cooking for children and do all general housework, the employer got divorce and she is not comfortable with the problem of that family as employer always quareell.

second employer she worked for 5 months, worked with eurasian family to care for bedridden grandmother. she was trained in hospital to care for elderly, she learn how to cook ,western food cuttlet fish with blackpeper sauce, homemade beef sausage , mixed salad, beef soup with vegetable , roasted chicken and etc. the grandmother was to heavy , heavier than herself, employer allowed her to transfer as employer already found somebody bigger size and tall to care for her mother.

available to be transfer at any time

Available to be interview at any time. face to face via skype.

Married (41)
Ref: ALL-051PC
Upd on 05-Jan-17

children care and elderly care, TUBE FEEDING

selvi is indonesian girl from kupang, she is christian

a mother of 4 children, cheerful and energetic.

she had experience working in singapore for almost 6 years.

first when she came to singapore she worked only 6months taking care of elderly, 90 years, change diapers help ahma shower , feeding and do all general housework,. only 2 person with auntie, after ahma passaway, she trasnferred to auntie to care for children.

2nd employer she worked for 2 years, taking care of child 2yo, accompany the child, pay with him and do all generalhousework. she only helps in the kitchen as most of the time madam is the one who cook. the child also sleep with her.

after 2 years she went back indonesia. for 6 months and come to work again to singapore

3rd and 4 th employer, the agent put her to work in the office as office cleaner, they stayed there temporarily for 2 month

her last employment history was 3years with one employer, taking care ahma, bedridden stroke, everything she must do on bed. changing diapers, change clothers, tube feeding, clean body and feeding milk via tube. she is also able to do suctioning. Every 3 hours have to turn ahma left and right to avoid the bedsore.

she was trained to all nursing care at tan tock sheng hospital for 1 month

ahkong still healthy, ahkong cooks for her and she does all general housework

after 3 years ahma pass away, then she go back indonesia, as ahkong move to his children house

she is only able to indonesian kupang food, willing to learn how to cook chinese food.

available to be interviewed at any time

Widowed (37)
Ref: ALL-115PC
Upd on 04-Jan-17

Inggit is indonesian helper, from java.

she is cheerful, fast learner and hardwokring person

she loves to care for young children

she is a mother fo 2 children, she is able to do houseowork, washing, cleaning , ironing, mopping and etc.

she is also able to cook simple dishes like, chicken soup, sayur lodeh, soto, steamed fish, steamed egg , stir fried vegetables,

she is a diploma holder, before that she ever worked as a kindergarden teacher in indonesia for 3 years,

she is able to care for pets, toydoy and cat as well

she is able to handle pork ,

willing to work without off days, as long as she got permitted to use hp at night of after working to contact her family

available to be interviewed at any time

Married (28)
Ref: All-108PCM
Upd on 04-Jan-17


Rasmiyati is indonesian girl from cilacap,

she 24 years old , matured and hardworking

she worked in jakarta as a helper for a year, 2storey house, cleaning, washing and ironing

she took care 4 yo child, playing with the boy, feeding , shower and prepare all the stuff

she is able to cook simple indonesian chinese food, like steamed fish, fried rice, chicken soup, stir fried vegetables, fried fish and etc

before working as a helper she worked as an administration staff in factory.

available to be interviewed at any time, via video call

Married (24)
Ref: All110-XA
Upd on 03-Jan-17


Imelda is indonesian girl from NTT, she is still young and energetic.

she is married a mother with 1 child.

she is still new in singapore, only worked in indonesia ..

she is able to care for infant and children as well, do all general housework, cleaning the house, ironing, washing and cooking as well.

able to cook indonesian food quite well. like stir fried vegetables, chicken with sweet soysauce, pork with sweet soysauce, indonesian pork clear soup, fried rice, fried fish, steamed fish and etc

In indonesia she took care of young child 2 yo., able to play , shower and accompany the child.

Imelda now is working in singapore taking care of ahkong, was weak and hospitalized for the first month, she worked there for 6 months already and now ahkong recover already, and ahkong is moving with the children to hongkong,

she will be transferring soon

Married (31)
Ref: All-081PA
Upd on 03-Jan-17
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