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Christian maids, ex ,malaysia

Linda is indonesian girl , from sumba,

26 years old, young and energetic. She is christian and single.

she worked in malaysia for 2 years, working with chinese malaysian, 2 storey house bungalow.

in the morning she helped the bird nest factory, and comeback to help to do housework, helping in ironing, cleaning and washing.

she took care 3 yo boy and ahkong at home. specially when ahkong sick, she help to care ahkong, feeding medicine, give massage

she also helped mam cooking at home

she is able to cook some chinese food and malay food like, steamed fish, fried rice, capcay, stir fried vegetables , fish soup, vegetables soup.. chicken soup, fruits salad, fried chicken, , pork soup, pork with black sause (kecap) porridge and etc

now she is in bali, waiting for employer to take her to work in singapore.

willing to care for children and elderly

available to be interview any time

Single (26)
Ref: ALL-111PA
Upd on 22-Oct-16

Fresh maid, caring for children

asripah is indonesian girl, she is 33 yo,

a mother with 1 child, responsible person and hardworking person

she had worked in malaysi for 2 years, taking care 2 children and 1 of newborn baby untill 2 years old

and the other one 4yo. then she went back to indonesia

She is looking an opportunity to work in singapore for a better prospect.

she is able to feed the baby , make baby food porridge, shower and prepare all baby stuff, able to wake at night to feed the baby as the baby sleept in the same room

she , herself able to cooking fish soup, steamed fish, abc soup, bone soup, ayam serai,, sayur lodeh , orek tempe, kangkung belacan and etc

available to be interview at any time

Married (33)
Ref: ALL-102XA
Upd on 22-Oct-16

care for elderly , children

Famiyati is indonesian girl, from Java islanda Pekalongan

she is 31 years old, a mother with 1 child.

she had worked in singapore for 2 years, doing all general housework, with 5 adults in the family, ahma, ahkong, mam sir and 1 teenager.

she is also helping ahma cooking,

Before working in singapore that she had good experienced working in malaysia, 5 years with one employer,

caring for 5yo child, sending and fetching to schools

she is able to cook simple dishes such as chicken soup, stir fried vegetable, pork with black sauce, fried rice, fried noode, etc

available at anytime for the phone interview

Married (31)
Ref: ALL-103XA
Upd on 22-Oct-16

Shinta is indonesian maids from lampung.

before working in singapore she had experienced working in malaysia for 6 yo, taking care 2 childre 6 and 9 yo, cooking for the family and do all general housework

she had experience working in singapore for about 5 years.

earlier she came to singapore she had a few transfer as she was not placed into the right family to peform her job well by same agent try to trick her into employer who need the maids to do 2 houses.

her last employment history was working with one employer for 4 years plus, condo, taking care of 10 yo and 14 yo children, do cooking for the family, go marketing, and do all general housework.

she is able to cook good chinese food, and indonesian food as well such as, pork soup, pork chop, lingau, chasiew pork, laksa, soto, telor balado, rendang, curry chicken , curry fish, chicken or pork with black sauce, and etc

she is back i n indonesia right now, avaialble to work back to singapore at any time.

willing to care for elderly as well, and learn to care disabled person

Widowed (33)
Ref: All-105XC
Upd on 22-Oct-16

children care and elderly care, TUBE FEEDING

selvi is indonesian girl from kupang, she is christian

a mother of 4 children, cheerful and energetic.

she had experience working in singapore for almost 6 years.

first when she came to singapore she worked only 6months taking care of elderly, 90 years, change diapers help ahma shower , feeding and do all general housework,. only 2 person with auntie, after ahma passaway, she trasnferred to auntie to care for children.

2nd employer she worked for 2 years, taking care of child 2yo, accompany the child, pay with him and do all generalhousework. she only helps in the kitchen as most of the time madam is the one who cook. the child also sleep with her.

after 2 years she went back indonesia. for 6 months and come to work again to singapore

3rd and 4 th employer, the agent put her to work in the office as office cleaner, they stayed there temporarily for 2 month

her last employment history was 3years with one employer, taking care ahma, bedridden stroke, everything she must do on bed. changing diapers, change clothers, tube feeding, clean body and feeding milk via tube. she is also able to do suctioning. Every 3 hours have to turn ahma left and right to avoid the bedsore.

she was trained to all nursing care at tan tock sheng hospital for 1 month

ahkong still healthy, ahkong cooks for her and she does all general housework

after 3 years ahma pass away, then she go back indonesia, as ahkong move to his children house

she is only able to indonesian kupang food, willing to learn how to cook chinese food.

available to be interviewed at any time

Widowed (37)
Ref: ALL-106PC
Upd on 22-Oct-16

Parjiah has 20 years working experience,6 years in Indonesia and 16 years in Singapore. In Indonesia,she worked in a catering company and is very good in cooking Indonesian food

3years in her 1st Chinese Singapore Employer,taking care of 2 going school children age 7 and 12yr-old,beside marketing,cooking and does other general housekeeping in a 3 room hdb flat.

2years in her 2nd Employer,taking care of 2 young children age 1.5 and 7 yr-old,,she cook for the children,marketing and alternately upkeep a 3storey house with another maid

3years in her 4rd Employer,mainly is to do general housekeeping,wash car and cooking in a Condominium with 8 person.

2years with 5th employer do housekeeping , condo, sending and fetching primary one child every to school, cooking and do all general housework

5years with 6th, employer, condo housekeeping, 5adult in family, cooking, marketing and do general housework

She is keen in Child care and love cooking,she is looking forward to have a job with child care and cooks as well.

She is 45yr-old,very experience and very good in cook.

able cook chinese food steamed fish, porkrib soup, pork with black sauce, sweet sour fish or sweet sour pork , chicken rice, herbal soup, nasi lemak, sayur lodeh and etc

her last employemnt historry was 4 years with chinese family, taking care ahma, semi mobile, unable to walk using wheelchair. condo house with 3 adult at home

she went back indonesia march 2016, now she is ready to come back to work

ready to be interviewed at any time

Widowed (45)
Ref: CCG-032XC
Upd on 22-Oct-16

suyatmi is an help er from java.

she is 34 years old, matured and reliable

she is a mother with one child,

she had been vorking in singapore for about 6 years

1stemployer she worked finish her contract for 2 years, do general housework 6 adults in the house, helping ahma cooking, clean kitchen , rooms and do all housekeeping

2nd employer she worked for 6 months only taking care 2 children 3yo and 5yo, her mam stop working, unable to pay her salary, she was returned to agent and transfer

her last employment history was almost 5 years, with one employer she just came back to indonesia early october.

working with chinese family of 5 people. she helped to care for children 3 yo and 7 mo , the 7 mo with ahma, after another a year, newborn baby stayed with and the 17 mo baby returned back to family after 1 yo.. she does all the general housewokrk, wash toilet, ironing and cooking as well

she is able to cook some chinese food such as chicken with black sauce, chicken soup, pork soup, steamed pork, , curry, fried rice, fried beehon and etc

now she is ready to work back to singapore

available to be interview at any time

Divorced (34)
Ref: CCG-31XC
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Nuryati is indonesia girl, she is single , young and energetic.

She is christian from NTT.

She had about 4 years experience working in singapore,

She is able to care for children, elderly , and ever worked in bungalow house, doing all general housework such as cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking as well.

She had experience in taking care dogs as well.

She ever worked with chinese family, 3storey bungalow, taking care of 2 dogs and cooking simple chinese food. for 1.5 years

she trasnfer to a chinese family to take care of elderly who is unable to walk, they need her temporarily to asisst ahkong after knee operation. she worked there for half a year, ahkong had fully recovered, they dont need her anymore as ahma still mobile and able to work. (ahma refuses to pay her salary)

Now she worked with german family, bungalow with swimming pool and gardern, she asked to transfer as she cant get along with filipino maids. as always bully her.

available to be interviewed face to face via skype

open for any job offer, for elderly, children .cooking and do all general housework

Single (31)
Ref: CEG-030PA
Upd on 21-Oct-16

April is indonesian helper from lampung,

she is married with 2 children,

she had experience working in singapore for almost 6 years.

first time when she came to singapore she took care baby newborn, for 8 months, she know how to change diapers, feeding milk, make baby soft food, carry and sleep the baby.

after 8 months her employer decide to transfer her, as she stopped working.

wating in agency for a month worked temporarily

then with 3 rd employer was 5 years

her last employment history was 5 years with one employer, taking care of ahma, do marketing, cooking and do general housework

first 2 years ahma was healthy, after that ahma sick, and weak walking use walking frame, accompany ahma to go out, walking in the park, changing diapers, shower ahma and help daily needs for ahma, after 5 years untill ahma pass away she went back to indonesia.

she is a good cook, able to cook chinese food and indonesian food, such as, steamed fish, sweet sour fish/pork, nasi lemak, chicken rice, sayur lodeh, rendang, stir fried vegetable, fried noddle/beehon, chicken with kelowak fruit, pork soup, mincek pork with tofu and etc.

available to be interview at any time

Married (35)
Ref: Elderly-...
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Endang is christian , she is single, 44 years

she is from jakarta, trustworthy and reliable

1. 2008-2010 , She worked in her 1st employer for 2 years,take care of a 1month and 18months babies beside doing other general house keeping in a 3 rooms hdb flat. she completed the 2 years contract and get a new employer

2. 2011 In her 2nd employer,required her to take care of bedridden grandma. She provide all the needs of the sick,include tube feeding etc. She has to end her service after she worked for 6 months,as the grandma she took care of passed away and her service no longer required in that family

3. waiting in agency for transfer

4. july 2011 january 2012, working with indonesian chinese family married to swiss , she only last there for 4 month , landed property with garden, with 3 children at home. unable to cope the job as the employer treat her no good, she has to wake up at 4.30 and sleep midnight 12 oclock

5. with this employer she worked about 3years, but not continuosly, first 4 month she worked than employer, the employer always scolding her, as madam has mental problem and sick, she was out for month and worked temporary, then they call her back to work with her again, then after worked for a year endang went back to indonesia, and employer called her back again to work for another 1 1/2 years.

. She is honest,dedicated and hardworking, she is able to cook simple chinese food and indonesian food as well, such as steamed fish, chicken soup, pork soup, stir fried vegetables, sambal prawns, curry, etc

ready to work now , available to be interviewed at any time.

Single (44)
Ref: IR-Gener...
Upd on 21-Oct-16

cartinih is indonesian girl, matured and responsible

she is a widowee with 1 child,

before working in singapore , she w orked in arab saudi for 4 years , cooking and do all general housework, she can cooks arab saudi like nasi mandde, briyani rice and etc

she worked in singapore for 3years with one employer, malay family, taking care of 3 children, 10/13/16 yo, cooking for the children and the family and do all general housework.

she is also sending and fetching the kids to and from school everyday.

she is a good cook in malay food and indonesian food such as asampedas, chicken rice, briyani rice, curry chicken , curry fish, mee goreng, mee siam, chicken soup and etc.

looking for malay employer or chinese employer who is able to speak malay as her english is soso, only little bit and allows her to pray as well.

available to be interviewed at any time

Widowed (39)
Ref: CCG-031XM
Upd on 21-Oct-16

able to speak cantonese and care for infat/baby care and elderly

Sugiharti is indonesian helper came from java,

she is a mother of 2 children, responsible and reliable

she ever worked in hongkong for 2 years, taking care of 2 dogs, and 3 cats in one house, cooking and do all general housewok, able to speak cantonese quite well.

in singapore she had worked with same employer for 6 years,

first employer she worked about 4 years, taking care of newborn baby till 4years old, she know how to make baby milk, baby food and carry baby to sleep.

after 4 years she went back to rest to indonesia, as she needs to go back for about 1 months, so the employer cant wait her and change other maids

2nd employer, 3 storey house, she worked for 1 years caring for ahma, old and weak, she needs to help ahma when she go to toilet, shower ahma, accompany ahma adn assist with daily needs. cooking for 5 people in the house and helped philipino maids do general housework, after ahma passaway she transfer and worked back to 1st employer

3rd employer, she went back to work with 1st employer, caring for child 6yo sending and fetching to to school, cooking for the family and do general housework.

after finish another 2 years contract she went back to indonesia

she is able to speak cantonese and english quite well.

looking for new employer to work with,

able to cook chinese food like, fried noddle, pork soup, chicken rice, capcay, steamed pork, bakkut tea, curry chicken, sayur lodeh and etc and also prepare baby food as well,

ready to be interview at any time

Married (40)
Ref: ICG-051PC
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Fresh Maids

Amelia is indonesian girl , still young and energetic

she ever worked in indonesia 3 years at bakery shop, 2 years at handphone shop and

1years as a helper, taking care 3 yo child.

she know how to tidy up the house, cleaning, ironing and washing

Willing to learn and adapt to new environment

She is able to cook simple of chinese and indonesian food, capcay, steameds fish, fried rice, fried fish, fried chicken etc

Single (24)
Ref: ALL108-XA
Upd on 21-Oct-16


Rasmiyati is indonesie girl from cilacap,

she 24 years old , able to work housekeeping

she worked in jakarta as a helper for a year, 2storey house, cleaning, washing and ironing

she is able to cook simple indonesian food, fried rice, chicken soup, stir fried vegetables, fried fish and etc

before that she worked as an administration staff

Single (23)
Ref: All110-XA
Upd on 21-Oct-16


Nani is indonesia girl from subang, she is still young and energetic.

she is married , amother with 1 child.

she is responsbile person and hardworking

first employer she worker about 3 years, taking care of ahkong. ahkong was sick, 70 yo ahkong had brain cancer., weak , unable to walk, so most of the time ahkong always in bed. washing and cleaning always do it in bed most of the time, wiping his body change diapers

nani attended to ahkong daily needs everyday, until ahkong passaway. then went back to indonesia for rest for 3 months

she came to singapore follwoing same agent, but havent got joib yet, so waited in agent for 1 month,

2nd employer she worked until now is taking care of children , and do all general housework including cooking as well

she is able to cook chinese food and indonesian food as well.

she speaks mandarin quite well, as she was working taiwan before for 3 years taking care of elderly.

looking for employer to look after an elderly.

Married (34)
Ref: ALL106-PA
Upd on 19-Oct-16
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